What kind of gun rental is this?

We offer a unique “take away, off-site” rental service – ie you take the gun or guns away with you for as long as you want and shoot them wherever you legally want to.  Take them hunting on Conservation Department land, Private Property, Public or Private Gun Ranges, a friend’s farm or other suitable location.  We don’t have our own gun range so it is your responsibility to make arrangements to shoot in the area or areas where you want to.  See links below for hunting options.


Who can rent a gun?

You will need EITHER a standard NZ gun licence OR an NZ Visitor Gun Licence AND you must be 18 years of age or older AND have a valid credit card.

A Visitor (tourist) licence is valid for one year or until you leave NZ.  You must have your tourist licence and passport on you when in possession of a firearm in NZ.  Apply here (NZD$25 fee applies):


What type of gun can I rent or possess?

Under NZ laws we can currently rent only A-category firearms.  These are commonly referred to as “Sporting” guns or as being in “sporting configuaration”.  No handguns sorry.  Even if your visitor licence or NZ gun licence allows you to use restricted weapons, our current laws don’t allow for the rental (or in some cases even the borrowing/lending) of such guns in an easy manner.

With a standard A-category NZ licence you can possess:

Any pump action, lever action, bolt action, single shot or break-open rifle or shotgun over 30 inches in length, with any size magazine.  Popular examples include Remington 870 pump shotguns, Troy PAR223 and PAR308 rifles, Ruger American rifles, Remington 7615 rifles, Ithaca 37 shotguns etc.

A semi-auto .22 rimfire (or smaller) rifle with up to 15 round magazine.  No freestanding pistol grip, adjustable stock, bayonet lugs or flash hider.  Thumbhole or Dragunov style stocks are allowed.  Popular examples include Ruger 10/22, Stirling 20P, Marlin Papoose, Gevarm E1 etc.

A semi-auto centrefire rifle or shotgun with up to seven round magazine capacity.  No freestanding pistol grip, adjustable stock, bayonet lugs or flash hider.  Thumbhole and Dragunov style stocks are allowed, as are muzzle brakes.  Magazine must not appear bigger than 10 rounds.  Popular examples include AK47, AR15, AR10, SKS, M14, Browning A5 and various others.


Who can use a gun?

A licence holder can supervise any other person including children when using a gun providing the weapon is under the immediate control of the licence holder.  Generally this means within reaching distance and the supervisor not using another weapon at the same time.  If in a hunting party including unlicenced people, there shouldn’t be more guns than licence holders.  More details from NZ Police here:


Where can I shoot?

You are responsible for ensuring you are legally allowed to use a firearm in the area where you want to.

If shooting on private property you must have the permission of the owner and/or occupier (verbal permission is the norm) and you must know the boundaries of the area.  You must ensure the area is safe to shoot in, will not annoy neighbours or members of the public and that it is legal to shoot there.

CENTREFIRE RIFLES ONLY (ie not shotguns or rimfire) can generally be used on Department of Conservation hunting permit areas, with a valid Hunting Permit.  You can apply for a permit online quickly and for free here:

Your hunting permit is generally valid for four months and is subject to conditions set by DOC.


What about ammo?

We can supply ammo for most of the guns we rent at very competitive prices.  We stock Russian Barnaul steel cased ammunition which is extremely reliable, very cheap and reasonably accurate.  We don’t allow the use of corrosive or tracer ammunition in our guns.  Additional ammo is available from sports shops around the country (generally not in malls though).  You will need to show your gun licence to purchase ammunition.  Gun City and Hunting & Fishing stores would be the main ammo sellers in NZ with many other smaller stores also stocking it.  Ammo is generally not available in hardware or K-mart style shops in NZ.  Prices for centrefire rifle ammo range from .30c to $3 a round depending on brand and calibre.  Rimfire ammo costs from 6c to 40c a round.  Shotgun rounds are priced from 40c to $1.50 per round depending on type and season.  Google is your friend!


What if I lose a gun?

A rented gun is your responsibility.  If a gun is lost or stolen you must immediately report the loss to the Police and to Burley Arms.

You must have secure storage for any gun in your possession.  This is also a condition of your licence.

You may have coverage under a travel or contents insurance policy but in any case it is your responsibility to cover the loss of any rented products regardless of the circumstances of the loss.  This also applies if a gun is confiscated from you for any reason.  If a gun is confiscated from you it may not be recoverable and could be destroyed.  You may face prosecution by the Police depending on circumstances and their discretion.


Anything else to be aware of?

At all times obey the law, be considerate, sensible and safe.  By being licenced it is assumed you are aware of NZ firearms laws, possess common sense and are familiar with guns.

Copy of NZ Arms Code is here, in English, Chinese and Korean:

If you are renting a gun with a high-capacity magazine, don’t allow the magazine to be inserted in a semi-automatic gun – this could change the legal classification of the gun and under our progressive firearms laws could cause problems including confiscations and prosecutions.  The same applies if you are renting any semi-auto gun – inserting a high capacity magazine will cause the same legal problems.

You MUST NOT have a loaded magazine OR weapon in you vehicle.  When traveling the magazine MUST be unloaded.  It is also good practise to have a detachable magazine removed from a gun when not in use.

If shooting at a range obey the range rules which are usually prominently posted.  Drop cash into the honesty box if one is there.  Show good range etiquette.  Don’t touch other people’s guns unless invited.  Don’t be a dick.  Hidden cameras may be operating – assume you are being watched at all times and don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in front of a police officer.  Keep an eye on your property and rented equipment as you are responsible for it.  Clean up after yourself wherever you are shooting.  Don’t leave targets, casings or animal carcases lying around.

Silencers or suppressors are considered good manners.  Anybody can buy, possess, make or use a silencer and in NZ they are about as cheap as anywhere.  They can be bought new from NZD$15 to over $500.  You are less likely to annoy other people when shooting with a silencer and they are particularly useful when hunting.

Silencers can be purchased online here:

YouTube is full of videos about all sorts of guns and is a great way to familiarise yourself with a gun that might be new to you.


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